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Credit Card Security

For the benefit and peace-of-mind of our clients, this page briefly deals with the concerns  that some web shoppers may have. Shopping on the web has received some bad press in the past, yet percentage wise, fever fraudulent transactions are made via the web compared to other types of credit card transactions.

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Billing of your credit card

The billing of Cellumend is transacted by our holding company Dermaxime and your card will therefore be billed as "Dermaxime".

The billing amount is calculated daily to reflect the correct rate of foreign exchange, but clients should note that small differences can occur from the price quoted on the website and the amount billed on your credit card - the difference is normally a couple of cents and may be less or more than the website price.

The reason for this is that foreign exchange constantly changes and fluctuates, and depending on when the transaction is finalized by the banks, minor differences can occur. If you do notice a couple of cents difference and would like a refund for this, please mail us your order number and the transaction details to our order and billing department.

Security of our secure shopping cart

We use Americart as our secure on-line shopping cart company which uses SSL Secure Socket Encryption to ensure that there is no breach of security or tampering with credit card information.

Our Americart secure shopping cart is authenticated by VeriSign and is secured by a VeriSign SSL certificate that ensures that information is encrypted before transmission.

When shopping with us, you will see that when you are asked for your credit card details, that you will be on Americart secure server, and that the web address starts with a "https" and a "lock" symbol will appear at the bottom of your browser window.

A URL (a web page address) that starts with "https" instead of "http" indicates that  secure encryption is in place.

CCV number

Please use your browser's back button to return to the previous page.

CCV numbers on Visa and MasterCard cards

CCV numbers on Amex

We, like all security conscious sites, are now requiring CCV numbers when orders are placed, as the credit card needs to be in the possession of the person placing the order. People use their credit cards daily, and the credit card number, expiry date and billing name  may be imprinted or electronically read by several companies and people during the course of one day.

To prevent and avoid this type of fraud, our secure shopping cart system also requires that the person placing the order has the credit card with them to supply the CCV number.

The CCV number is a 3-digit non-raised number printed on the back of the credit card - in the right hand corner of the signature strip. Amex card CCV numbers are 4-digits long and are on the front of the card.

SSL Secure Socket Encryption

With SSL you are ensured that unwanted people cannot access your confidential information, nor abuse it. Our shopping cart is also verified by VeriSign.


We will not add your mail address to any database or mailing list, should you send us any general queries to our e-mail box.

Should you have any queries regarding the way in which we control information, security  and data on our website and in our offices, please mail us at

If we find that anybody tried to fraudulently use a credit card while using our shopping cart the incident, with full particulars, is referred to our logistic department, who normally refers the matter to Interpol for further action.


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Free information page

We have the following pages available for free, packed with information on how to fight cellulite.

Active ingredients found in Cellumend Cellulite Cream

Results of tests done on ingredient in Cellumend

The following results were detailed after the completion of the study, and can be divided as follows:

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