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Decrease of Body Fat Mass and fighting cellulite

The graph below shows schematically the fact that 50% of the patients that participated in the clinical tests, had a significant decrease of 0.6 to 1.4 kilogram (1.32 to 3.08 pounds) in body mass while testing the efficiency of the cellulite removing cream.

Please note - these clinical tests were only performed on one ingredient of the formula, and the other ingredients also help to make Cellumend the most effective cellulite cream in the world market today.

Fighting cellulite

Although fat is not really the main problem when fighting cellulite, is does feature in the holistic way of treating cellulite, and must be attended to.

Other cellulite preparations do not always look at assisting the body in all ways to fight cellulite, and simply use the reduction of water in the system to produce short-term results. Cellumend is formulated in such a way, with properly tested clinical trials on some ingredients, to fight cellulite in the most effective way possible, yet at an affordable price.

reduce,body,fat, figting cellulite

Although the body fat mass decreased during the test period, the test was done to determine the efficiency of the cream in removing cellulite - and taking this result together with the other clinical parameters that were tested, it showed that Cellumend is a truly effective way of removing the "orange peel" effect from the skin.

Other instrumental measurements taken on cellulite decrease

The following instrumental measurements were taken during the clinical trials to test the reduction of buttock and thigh circumference and thigh size as well as the loss of extracellular water, body fat mass, the increase and improvement of skin elasticity as well as moisture and hydration.

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Results of tests done on cellulite

The following results were detailed after the completion of the study, and can be divided as follows:

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Since we are committed in assisting people get rid of cellulite, and to prevent new cellulite nodules from forming, we also have a whole selection of FREE information available to help you in the battle against cellulite.

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